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Goat Performance Products

It all started one evening at the Sydney airport where Lyndon Green and Peter Smith got to talking about performance vehicles. The discussion was a friendly chat at first but it grew into a full-blown business plan when the idea of developing a twin turbo system for LS powered Commodores became the core subject of the conversation. The idea revolved around developing a twin turbo system that could be manufactured in Australia and that could be easily fitted and bolted onto the LS powered Commodores within a day. The idea seemed sustainable as the ideas for development discussed by Lyndon Green and Peter Smith had it all priced very reasonably with the entire price of the manufacturing and mounting of the twin turbo system costing nothing more than the collective pricing of any cam, exhaust, OTR and tune package. The idea had traction too as the twin turbo system would enable production of significantly higher HP without pulling the engine apart.

And it’s this discussion that led to the creation of Goat Performance Products in 2014. The company first worked exclusively at an R&D level to look into the practicality of the idea and to know if a system could be designed and developed that would work with the car without the need of any modifications and without the need of any extra mounting points. In short, the early focus of the company was on designing a true bolt-on turbo system that would be designed, developed and manufactured entirely in Australia using Australian steel without compromising at all on performance.

Within a year, we had not only developed a prototype of the twin turbo system for VT-VZ V8 Holden Commodore but also for VE-VF V8 Holden Commodore. The prototype used Pro Boost Turbos with the option of upgrading to Garrett Turbos as well. In mid-2015, we were also able to develop a V6 twin turbo system for the VT-VF Holden Commodore.

Currently, the company is working on the development of turbo systems for the V6 range Commodore as well as the late models of the V8 range Fords. And that’s not it, there is still a lot to come with development of turbo systems for Harley Davidson and V Rod and development of performance 3inch turbo back 4WD exhaust systems also in the pipeline! Goat Performance Products has a lot in store for everyone.


Goat Performance Products is a subsidiary of Industrial Tube Manufacturing, a family owned business founded by Peter Green 30 years ago. Industrial Tube Manufacturing is an ever-growing business with manufacturing plants and offices in Brisbane, Sydney and New Zealand. The company holds the distinction of being one of the only few ERW precision tube manufacturers in the country. While the company’s main focus lies in tube manufacturing, ITM has never been afraid of branching out. The company currently holds a number of facilities that manufacture a great variety of products manufactured from Australian steel. These facilities are capable of CNC Mandrel tube bending, Rotary axis tube laser cutting and Robotic welding bays. The capability of manufacturing plants of producing a variety of products using Australian steel has proved greatly beneficial for Goat Performance Products as the tubing and exhaust needs of GPP are easily met by ITM itself!

Peter Smith and Team

Peter Smith, the design engineer, has been synonymous with drag racing for over 25 years now. Goat Performance Products is proud of its design engineer seeing the fact that not only has he been breaking numerous national and world drag racing records over the past three decades but he has also been able of channeling his brilliance into his daughters who have both held national record holding drag records. With the likes of Peter Smith as design engineer and Lyndon Green as the company’s director, Goat Performance Products is in very safe hands. Peter and Lyndon are the major driving forces behind R&D of GPP systems but credit can’t be taken away from the rest of the team too who work diligently everyday, and have had important input to make every Goat Performance system a success. A major reason behind Goat Performance Products success is that whether it is the main design engineer or any other member of the team, they are all heavily involved in one form of motorsport or another and are thereby very passionate about what they do. And it’s this passion that has been helping the company develop a system that performs.